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Specialists in local, social and family history, and creating associated websites. We believe that there is nothing more precious than our collective heritage.

We are a small team dedicated to helping individuals, families and local communities interpret, preserve and present our irreplaceable past.

Family History – We research your family history using contemporary records and other sources.

Social History – Put your family history into the context of the local and social history of where they lived.

Your Web Site – We build your web site to document your family story and share it with your wider family.

Archives – We help organise your heirloom documents, and maintain your history up to date.

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Martin Mosley

Skill Sets

Core Services  |

Font End Design, Content Management

Other Services  |

Archive research, Document Transcription

Languages Supported  |

English, French

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Please contact us to discuss your project. You will always get an enthusiastic and helpful response.

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